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Artist Statement

My work depicts the landscapes that I am familiar with due to my own experiences of walking and driving through them. I was always interested in being outdoors and spent a lot of time around Reading, Pennsylvania, but as an art student when I started doing plein air paintings, this is where I found my interest in painting the landscape. Painting became a way of becoming more present and connected to my surroundings by seeking out the way the light can transform these locations. I first find a quality that draws my attention about a place and then convey the feeling, atmosphere, light, temperature, and time of day.  

Beginning a painting with a colored ground instead of a white background influences the overall process, allowing me to leave areas of exposed color underneath and create unified color throughout the composition. The use of color can allow viewers to draw their own associations and feelings to this place that is familiar but not quite. An important aspect of creating my compositions is the balance and structure of light and dark, as well as warm and cool color. Even when working from observation there is an editing process, and I try to include what is most essential in a scene, sometimes getting details in quickly.

I am influenced by landscape painters such as Paul Cézanne who created structured compositions, focusing on the construction of the image. This has influenced me to think about everything I compose in the painting in relation to everything else. My work is also influenced by Poussin and the way he gives form to the subject of nature through a balance of horizontal and vertical elements.

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