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Jade Jaroszenski is an oil painter based in Reading, Pennsylvania. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2018 with a concentration in painting. Her landscape paintings explore light, memory and familiarity with a use of bold color. Since graduating, she has participated in juried exhibitions such as Rittenhouse Square Art Show of Philadelphia and the 13th Annual Juried Show at Goggleworks in Reading, PA.


Artist Statement

The focus of my paintings is exploring my everyday surroundings, through constructing them into abstract forms. I use expressive color and mark-making to depict my daily experiences, reflecting on memory and my interactions with nature and places. Through painting, I express myself without relying on a clear storyline, people, or words. Instead, I use paint and brushstrokes to guide the observer towards a deeper understanding. By the careful selection of color schemes, a mood is created that can transport a viewer into a daydream or transform a mundane setting into something more enchanting. My experience comes from studying plein air painting for years and connecting to my environment in that way. Currently my paintings rely on both observation and imagination, sometimes referring back to photographs I’ve taken and other times working from plein air. These are places that I am familiar with, but the paintings themselves are an assembly of elements in response to these places. Beginning a painting with a colored ground instead of a white background is part of my process, allowing me to leave areas open. Utilizing negative space is part of the process of composing these landscapes and bringing attention to the surface.

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